The 2014 Canadian Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden is here

Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, announces the sixth in a series of competitions for sculptors. With this year’s competition, the event becomes biennial, and first prize increases to $20,000. The second-place winner will receive $15,000. Click the link in the sidebar for all the details.

The finalists in the 2014 Competition have been announced. They are:

Mark Breckenridge
Bluevale, Ontario

Gary Briggs
Osgoode, Ontario

Sylvie Daviault
Montréal, Québec

Domenico Di Guglielmo
Montréal, Québec

Sarah Irwin
Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia

Gerard Kelly
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Nafsika Krasanaki
St George, New Brunswick

Marek Latzmann
Sutton, Québec

Fred Moses
St Andrews, New Brunswick

Kerry O'Toole
Woodstock, New Brunswick

Ellen Scobie
Burnaby, British Columbia

Jon Smith
Kamloops, British Columbia

Emmy Tougas
Saint-Hubert, Québec

Wynn Walters
Uxbridge, Ontario


The Jury for 2014

We are very pleased to have had a distinguished panel of people knowledgeable in the arts as our judging panel for this year. Hover the cursor over each name to learn more about a particular jury member.

Richard Klyver John & Lucinda Flemer Freeman Patterson
Roy Heenan Tom Smart
Bernard Riordon Aldona Satterthwaite  


In 2014, ARTrageous will enter its third year as one of Charlotte County New Brunswick's most popular festivals. It's a celebration of all things related to arts and culture in our community.

2014 also marks the sixth year for the Canadian Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden. It was from this event that ARTrageous was born.

ARTrageous is about partnerships and community. Organizations throughout Charlotte County come together to celebrate the arts and to promote and raise awareness of the talent found not only in our own backyard, but right across the country.

ARTrageous and Kingsbrae Garden are home to the highly-acclaimed annual sculpture competition, an annual free community concert featuring Sistema, a market in the garden, as well as many art workshops for children from area schools.

New for 2014 will be a Gala event in August where a $20,000 first prize as well as a $15,000 second prize will be awarded for best sculpture in the Competition.

The Sculpture Garden at Kingsbrae

Kingsbrae Garden is home to a growing collection of sculptures, principally in the Sculpture Garden, home to the winners of the Kingsbrae Garden Canadian Scupture Competition. For a look at the Sculpture Garden, watch the video below. The marriage of art and gardens is a natural one. Around the 27-acre Kingsbrae site are other works: metal and glass creations by Don Pell, several works on loan from the Beaverbrook collection, and a variety of animal figures. Despite these, a Dutch windmill and collections of over 50,000 plants, there is always room for more.


Sculpture Competition 2013

14 finalists from all across Canada competed in the 2013 Canadian Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden. The first-prize winning work from the 2013 Competition will find a permanent home on display within the Kingsbrae Sculpture Garden. The second-prize winning work will also be on display on the grounds of the Garden. This is the fifth consecutive year for the Canadian Sculpture Competition.

“The calibre of the entries continues to increase each year and this year is no exception,” says Andreas Haun, General Manager. “This is to date the most far-reaching range of pieces we have ever received representing artists from across the country.”

The finalists are:

Alanna Baird 1st Place Winner
St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Rich Baker
Embro, Ontario

Debora Cardaci
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peggy Frank
Victoria, British Columbia

Bozena Happach
Montréal, Québec

Dave Hind
Brantford, Ontario

David Hunwick
Victoria, British Columbia

Gerard J. Kelly
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Michael McQuay
Queenstown, New Brunswick

Ryan Moyes
Courtice, Ontario

Regine Neumann
Canton de Hatley, Québec

2nd Place Winner Gordon Reeve
Ridgeway, Ontario

Honourable Mention Bill Shaw
Bedford, Nova Scotia

Fred Willar
Hampton, New Brunswick


The Jury for 2013

We are very pleased to have had a distinguished panel of people knowledgeable in the arts as our judging panel for this year. Hover the cursor over each name to learn more about a particular jury member.

Richard Klyver John & Lucinda Flemer Freeman Patterson
Roy Heenan Jamie Irving
Bernard Riordon Aldona Satterthwaite  

The Competition Winners

1st place ($10,000 prize) Salmon Vortex Alanna Baird, Saint Andrews New Brunswick
2nd place ($7,500 prize) Le déjeuner sur l'herbe 2013 Gordon Reeve, Ridgeway Ontario
Honourable Mention The Blessed Sturgeon Larry William Shaw, Bedford Nova Scotia

Below you will find a slideshow featuring all of the finalists for this year's competition. Click on the picture to be taken to a page about the work, where you will be able to access the artist's website (if available).


Salmon Vortex

First Place Winner: Salmon Vortex by Alanna Baird, Saint Andrews New Brunswick


Second Place Winner: Déjeuner sur l'herbe 2013 by Gordon Reeve, Ridgeway Ontario

Blessed Sturgeon

Honorable Mention: The Blessed Sturgeon Larry by William Shaw, Bedford Nova Scotia

Next in Line

Next in Line by Rich Baker, Embro Ontario


This is Not a Cocktail Party by Peggy Frank, Victoria British Columbia


Variation on a Theme: Igloo #1 by Fred Willar, Hampton New Brunswick


Reliquary for a Mythical Beast by Michael McQuay, Queenstown New Brunswick


Waterlife by Regine Neumann, Canton de Hatley Québec


Rebirth by David Hunwick, Victoria British Columbia

Beluga Bloom

Beluga Bloom by Dave Hind, Brantford Ontario


The Gaze of the Wolf by Debora Cardaci, Winnipeg Manitoba


Into the Void by Gerard Kelly, Corner Brook Newfoundland

Forever Yours

Forever Yours by Ryan Moyes, Courtice Ontario


Wings by Bozena Happach, Montréal Québec