Since 2008 Alpacas have made Kingsbrae Garden their home with daily walks around the Garden. Eleven of these beautiful animals live year round in the Garden, ranging in age from one to sixteen years old. Visit Kingsbrae this summer to meet Sadie, Guinness, Ally, Alfie, Alice, Novi, Abigail, Cinnabar, Peanut, Philby, and Alberto. Make sure to view them on the front lawn of the café daily (weather permitting) from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.



Pigmy Goats

Kingsbrae Garden is home two different types of goats that will warm your heart with their friendly and curious nature.

Orea and Smudge are Pygmy Nigerian Cross that are so small they often are considered babies by visitors. With their elevated tree-house home, they have enjoyed Kingsbrae since the fall of last year and have strutted around the Garden since!

Moe  is Pigmy Nigerian Cross goat that was raised by our garden staff when his mother passed away shortly after birth. As such he follows staff everywhere, perhaps not knowing he is a goat, and can even do his own agility course!

rabbit rabbit2


Fluffy and Caramel can be found in the Children’s Fantasy Garden at the bottom of the Kingsbrae Garden hill. These two rabbits enjoy the view from their two story rabbit house and are famous for long afternoon naps.




Kingsbrae Garden has four Peacocks that roam the Garden freely, and they can be found literally in every corner of it. Two are white in colour, while two are multi coloured, and they can even be seen showing their feathers on the front step of our visitor centre. Fantastic photo opportunities are made daily with their proud and magnificent colours!



Kingsbrae Garden is home to many ducks; some year round and some for a break on their trip north or south. Of the ducks that live at Kingsbrae there are three different types. Our three runner ducks, who have their own in-ground pool and house beside the Café, can be seen running across the main lawn every morning and night. Our five mallards seem to favour the area around our Dutch windmill at the main pond, while our Muscovie Ducks are often out sunning with the Alpacas!



In May of 2016, Kingsbrae expanded their Silkie Chicken Population to 4 chickens and a very vocal rooster. Children and adults are can’t help but take a picture of their impressive “hair”.



Jasper the poodle is Kingbrae’s unofficial mascot. He is most happy on his daily garden walk with Kingsbrae Garden founder, Mrs. Lucinda Flemer. This friendly canine is a favorite amongst staff. Every morning he visits the Garden to ensure it’s perfect for your visit!