Section A

The Perennial Garden

Surrounded by 10-foot cedars, many dating from the time of the original manor house in the early 1900’s, lies the sprawling Perennial Garden of Kingsbrae. With over 2,500 species of perennials showcased in 26 different beds, this garden is stunning throughout the summer months. The Perennial Garden boasts a variety of beds, each consisting of a unique shape and color palate, including one filled with butter yellow coreopsis; another with 26 varieties of day lilies, and yet another is filled entirely with variegated plants




The Wollemi Pine – 200 million years in the making

In June 2006, Kingsbrae Garden, acquired a Wollemi Nobilis Pine. One of the world’s oldest and rarest trees, and the first one in Canada.

This has been an epic journey for the historic Wollemi pine, spanning 200 million years and 16,500 km (10,250 miles) from the Southern Hemisphere to the resort town of St Andrews by-the-Sea, NB, Canada.

The Wollemi are ‘living fossils’ that have outlived their Jurassic ancestors for millions of years. Since dinosaurs roared about the Earth, to the present electronic era, a few Wollemi pines have patiently survived, with their gene pool pure and unchanged, in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

What was likely a tasty treat for Cretaceous Queensland dinosaurs is now the botanical story of the century.

The species was presumed extinct until the 1994 discovery of a remote rainforest grove of 36 trees; previously only fossils of Wollemi were known, dating back to the Jurassic Age.

The grove was discovered by David Noble, a New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Officer and avid bushwalker, in the wilds of the 500,000 hectare Wollemi National Park, less than 200 km west of Sydney, Australia.

The tree is an attractive conifer with unusual dark green, pendulous bottle-brush foliage; the bark resembles bubbling chocolate. Scientists estimate that the oldest Wollemi in the grove, ‘King Billy’, first began poking its head above the canopy about the time of the Norman conquest in 1066.

The trees have not evolved at all in that time; current growth matches the ages-old fossils. Professor Carrick Chambers, director of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, said: “The discovery is the equivalent of finding a small dinosaur still alive on earth.”

Kingsbrae Garden’s Wollemi is a first-generation tree, propagated from one in the original grove named ‘Hercules’, noted for its strength and power. This tree has been aptly named ‘Pericles’, for the ancient Athenian statesman and is one of mere hundreds in the world.




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Section B


Children’s Fantasy Garden

The Children’s Garden Features the O’Neil Family Playhouse built in 1894. There are whimsical teapot trees and a climbing castle in the Fantasy Garden, all designed to amuse and entertain the child in all of us. In addition, there are numerous activities and programs for kids and their families that will ensure that your visit is both enriching and fun.

The Kingsbrae Windmill

The Kingsbrae Windmill is an authentic, Dutch “smock mill” (a windmill that consists of a sloping, horizontally weatherboarded or thatched tower, usually with six or eight sides. It is topped with a roof or cap that rotates to bring the sails into the wind) and was a gift to the Garden from Mrs and Mrs. John Flemer. It was designed and built by the famous third generation Vaag Family in Aalter, The Netherlands. It is a fully functioning windmill that pumps water from the lower pond up to the rill where it feeds the upper pond.


The Giving Garden

Recreating Eden – The Giving Garden

Executive Producers, Merit Jensen Carr & David Fox

This video tells the story of Kingsbrae Garden. Growing plants and growing people, this is Lucinda Flemer’s vision and together with her husband John, their living legacy – a giving garden, created as a gift to her cherished community.

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Section C

Honouring Our Troops

 As you enter our parking lot, on the right you will see the Memorial Garden and its sentry box. The Garden honours Canadians soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. In the sentry box you will find a book containing the names of the fallen and nearby a glass pyramid inside of which are mementoes from three young soldiers lost too soon. Each July 1, a memorial service is held in the Memorial Garden and is led by the Chaplin from Camp Gagetown. It is attended by members of C A V,  the Royal Canadian Legion, Sea Cadets and other members of the military and the community.

We observe Red Fridays here at Kingsbrae Garden in support of our military. Identify yourself as a serving member of the Canadian Forces to receive free admission to the Garden. Enjoy your day with thanks from all of us here at Kingsbrae Garden.




Scents & Sensitivity Garden

Built in cooperation with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the Scents and Sensitivity Garden is dedicated to the memory of St. Andrews’ resident Albert McQuoid. The garden features raised beds that allow handicapped, sight impaired, and wheelchair bound visitors the opportunity to enjoy the feel, and scent, of the plants and flowers right within arms’ reach.

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