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Horse by Mark Breckenridge


Throughout the age of mankind artists have been creating equine sculptures, with some discoveries over 5000 years old. The images that spring to my mind when I think about horses involve things like grace, speed and elegance. I have tried to convey some of these things in this sculpture, but as an artist  all I can hope for is to do mother nature justice. I have attempted to give this sculpture a bit of life by trying to catch some of the wind and make it a kinetic rearing horse.

For me (Mark Breckenridge) the enjoyment of creating metal sculptures comes from working with a harder material and trying to coax it into something a little more soft and visually stimulating. During this process it's like a dance with the metal, the two of us taking turns leading. Even when I can not seem to make the metal conform to my will it often shows me the way and turns out better then I could have envisaged.